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Published 27 November, 2018

At Arbesko Shoe Factory, we create durable safety shoes, designed for your safety, and to withstand the work environment they are supposed to be used in. With thought through details and frequent quality checks, they will last long. Watch our new movie, to see the handicraft behind.

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Lace your shoe according to your foot • 2017/10/20

Att snöra sin sko på rätt sätt kan faktiskt vara lite av en konst. Våra skor är som du vet inte snörda när de ligger i sin kartong. Visste du att det finns olika lösningar för smala, breda, höga eller ömmande fötter – och att du med rätt snörning [...]

Oxelösund 550- for extreme temperatures • 2018/9/4

We met up with our friends at Defab, where they handle liquid metals and sure know the importance of wearing the right safety boot. See how our safety boot Oxelösund 550 passed the extreme test with liquid [...]

We launch the safety shoe family Umeå • 2018/4/10

Arbesko launches new safety shoe family Umeå. Three flexible and supple shoe models, perfect for construction workers and industry workers.  Umeå 929 is extra airy, flexible and comfortable safety shoe, perfect for work in construction and light [...]

Arbesko changes ERP system • 2018/11/21

We'll soon be switching ERP systems, and are therefor closed for deliveries on November 28-30. For incoming goods, we close already on November 27th. Please send us your orders as usual during these days. Delivieries will take place during the [...]

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